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MSN Sniffer is a program that captures MSN conversations
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MSN Sniffer

MSN Sniffer is a program that captures MSN conversations from all computers on a local network, providing its user with statistics, data analysis, and advanced options. The program automatically captures and saves the conversations into a directory, which can be easily set.

The program exports the chat conversations in HTML format, just after a single click; so it’s very easy to keep a detailed history of all MSN conversations captured by MSN Sniffer. These conversations are neatly organized, according to the user they belong to, every message in a conversation has a timestamp indicating when it was received or sent.

The program not only captures conversations but also allows you to fully lock the use of MSN Messenger, meaning no user on the LAN will be able to enter his MSN chat account.

MSN sniffer features an option that lets you choose when you wish the program to start capturing conversations and when to end - just set the time and date, and the program will automatically start working when scheduled. You can also select which MSN accounts you want to monitor and which to overlook.

Regarding processed information, the application offers a window where the user can see the information regarding the monitored network, how many accounts were active, how many messages have been sent and received, and some other data he may find relevant.

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